Headlight Motor Man

        Get To know about me and How I got Started


 Started working at Jodie's Phillips 66 service station at age 14.

I'd always had a drive to fix things, and that was the natural place for me to start. The lessons I learned there are still in practice today.

Customer service, and the importance to fix things right the first time are chief among them.


A few years later I met my car.

A guy I went to school with asked me to go with him and look at a 67 Charger. I thought "they didn't build a Charger in 67....did they?" So we went to look at it, and my first thought was "Dang, what an ugly car. I wouldn't park that thing in my driveway." 2 years later I bought it for a song and drove her home where she's been in my care for 27 years! To say I've changed my mind about the car is an under statement!


The headlights didn't open or close unless rolled manually for 15 years.

One day I decided I would try to fix them. I did, and when I told a Mopar Group, several guys asked me if I would fix theirs. The rest is history in the making.


Being married, raising 2 sons, working full time, and rebuilding motors has been a handful at times, but one AMAZING ride!

So glad to be able to continue doing so for so many years, and look forward to doing this for many more.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please don't hesitate to drop me a line!