Headlight Motor Man


Quotes Hi Chris. We just wanted to thank you so much for everything that you have done. When we received out headlight motors back today we were in shock. There are very few honest people in the world but I will definitely testify that you are ONE of those few. We very much appreciate you and your services. We look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks again. Sincerely, ONE VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!! Quotes

Quotes Hi Chris, It was great to meet you yesterday after months of talking by email. THANK YOU so much for taking your time to come up to Lynchburg and repair my headlights. You had the lights rotating and in full working order so quickly that I felt bad about taking your time. It was wonderful to see those headlights rotating for the first time in the manner they were designed to work. I look forward to being out in the car after dark. I have always had to be sure that I arrived home before dark since I didn't have operating headlights, NO MORE! Hope you got home OK and enjoy this beautiful spring weekend. My wife and I are taking a ride in the Charger this afternoon! Thanks again my friend, Jim Quotes
Jim Brooks
Weekend Road Trip

Quotes I just wanted to say thanks again for the super work on the headlight motors. Initially, my father installed everything and said that they only seemed to work one-way; they would flip up, but wouldn't roll down. We thought about it and I told him that I thought there was a separate switch on the dash that controlled the rotating of the lights or something. He thought about that, went home, and sure enough- hit the right switch on the dash and everything did what it was supposed to do. No pics yet, but will send them the next time I'm down at the house. Shane Quotes
Shane Mason

Quotes I can't say enough good things. It was pleasure to meet Topher in Carlisle a few years ago and the workmanship performed by Topher is without exceptional. !! Quotes
Topher is Tops!

Quotes Just got around to installing a pair of topher's hideaway headlight motors. Shipping turnaround was great, price was reasonable and they work flawlessly. Still unraveling the rest of my 66 Charger mysteries but 'Headlight Motor Man' was everything they said he was. Thanks a bunch. Jim Quotes
satisfied customer

Quotes I have a set of Tophers' Jewels in my car. Installed them and first try they worked perfectly! Quotes
Headlight Motors.